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Kallmeyer & Sons, Truck Tire and Giant Tire Service
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Kallmeyer & Sons has been serving truck tire and giant tire needs since 1977. We built up this successful business around the philosophy that you, the customer, are our number one priority.

We are open 7 days a week, 24-hours a day and we train our staff to be worthy of the title “specialist.” Our investment in ultra-modern equipment allows us to answer your trucking needs quickly and efficiently. So contact us for truck tires, giant tires, off road truck tires, tire service, tire repair, and 24 hour emergency service.

Our commitment to our customers’ tire needs has paid off. The Kallmeyer & Sons reputation today is one of outstanding truck tire sales and service.

Contact us today. I personally guarantee your satisfaction.


L. Kallmeyer, President
Kallmeyer & Son Truck Tire Service

Licensed and Insured

Specializing in all
Truck Tire and Giant Tire Services
Off Road Truck Tires, Tire Service, Tire Repair,
and 24 Hour Emergency Service
Over 33 Years Experience

www.kallmeyertire.com, 178 Morris Avenue, Holtsville, NY 11742 - Licensed & Insured
  Contact  KallmeyerTire@gmail.com - Telephone 24HR 631.758.5444 -- FAX 631.846.1849
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